Making Lifelong Connections (MLC) is a National Maternal and Child Health Training initiative.

There are several components to the experience of participating in these connections. The main focus is focused on the MLC meeting.
Each year there is an annual interactive career development and networking opportunity within the Maternal and Child Health Community and is open to all current and former trainees from MCHB funded training programs.
Making Lifelong Connections 2020 focused on “Embracing the Possibilities” in career development. Activities purposefully tied the social platform presence and Collaborating Network Building into MCH Leadership Competencies. This was done through interactive exercises, skill-sharing, discussion and research presentations. Current trainees discussed how they had learned leadership skills while training to enter the workforce. Former trainees discussed skills that would assist in moving forward in their careers. All participants articulated their overarching career goals and innovative ways to develop concrete skills necessary to achieve this.

Another component to participating in these connections is the Trainee Ambassador Group (TAG). Please consider joining this exciting group, either today or in the future!

We would also like to introduce you to the MCH Trainee virtual platform. Please start engaging with your fellow trainees, both past and present in this unique opportunity! The MCH Trainee Blog at